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Our story started few years ago in Metz (France) and has evolved to a strong friendship and a common desire to play a music that truly transcends. The band is influenced by names such as Caspian, Mogwai and Hammock. The lyrical themes and ambient soundscapes are brought by the organic sounds of the two guitars (Alex DUPUY and Stephane ZEMA) completed by the beautiful melodies of the piano (Marie VINCENT). The bass guitar (Marie) and the drums (Guillaume PARISET) bring intensity and density to the songs, transporting the listener through a range of emotions, such as sorrow, melancholy or happiness.

Each song is a mixture of dense atmospheres, aerial and captivating melodies followed by explosives and epic rises.


MAVEN aux Trinitaires à Metz

MAVEN Trinitaires Metz

Notre histoire a commencé il y a plusieurs années à Metz, et a évolué vers une solide amitié et une volonté commune de jouer une musique qui transcende. Le groupe évolue dans un style post rock et est influencé par des groupes tels que Caspian, Mogwaï, Hammock, et bien d’autres…
Les thèmes lyriques et ambient sonores sont portées par les sons texturés et organiques des deux guitares (Alex DUPUY et Stephane ZEMA) soutenant les mélodies sensibles, délicates et profondes du piano (Marie VINCENT). La basse (Marie) et la batterie (Guillaume PARISET) quant à elles apportent puissance et intensité, transportant l’auditeur au travers d’une gamme d’émotions, comme la tristesse, la mélancolie ou le bonheur..

Chaque composition est un mélange d’atmosphères denses, aériennes et de mélodies captivantes élevées par d’intenses montées explosives.



Jaquette du 1er album de MAVEN - Staring at Eastern Lights

Staring at Eastern Lights
December 2014

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22/08/2015 It’s time to realise our next Album

god is an astronaut
We want to thanks all of you for your support, and all the bands with whom we shared the stage : God Is An Astronaut, Skip The Use, Mutiny On The Bounty, Astralia…
After our last show in Belgium, we keep in memories these incredible moments shared on differents places, we met amazing people, we measure how much music is the heart of life for a lot of people.
We keep in memories too our meeting with God Is An Astronaut, it was an incredible moment for all of us to share the stage with a band that we follow since so many years.
Through these moments we have collected a lot of inspirations, and now we could say that we are already writing for the next album. It will be a very deeply and intense record.
We strive to bring out all our emotions through what we live. We all live more or less easy moments, life could be sparkling but so fragile too, and the music is the strongest way to express it.
We can’t wait to share our new sounds with you.

Hope to see you very soon to our next shows!

Best, Maven

10/02/2015 – Maven on show with God Is Anstronaut!

God Is An Astronaut Tour Maven Live Post Rock

UNBELIEVABLE news for Maven!!!

We are so excited to announce that we will open for the very famous
God Is An Astronaut on April 30 at L’Autre Canal Nancy, as part of their World Tour 2015!

We used to listen to their music for more than 10 years, we saw them in concert several times, and we have now the opportunity to share the scene with them. We will work very hard to be ready for the D-day and to share with the audience all the emotion we feel playing with this great band!!

We hope to see you in Nancy on April 30 to support us, we need you!!!!





20/12/2014 – Staring At Eastern Lights 1ier EP out now!

MAVEN JacketWe are proud to announce the release of our 1st EP!
To keep our energetic live feel, we have recorded all songs in a live setting.
This is the result of several months of hard work and we prepared this album with the support of Tryptik Sound.

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Thank you for your support!


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Older entries









– 19 Juin 2015 –
Arlon (Belgique), L’entrepôt
with Mutiny On the Bounty (Math-Rock, Luxembourg)

– 12 Juin 2015 –
Luxembourg, PWC
with Skip The Use (Rock, France)

– 09 Mai 2015 –
Saint Etienne, Thunderbird
with Astralia (Post-Rock, Spain)

– 30 Avril 2015 –
Nancy, L’autre Canal
with God Is An Astronaut (Post-Rock, Irland)

– 25 Avril 2015 –
Corny, L’Antre de Manu
1 an du caveau

– 04 Decembre 2014 –
Metz, Les Trinitaires (Caveau)
with And We Shelter, Tohu Bohu, Shake The Disease
Release Party Concert Tryptik Sound

– 17 octobre 2014 –
Nancy, Totem
with Anathème

– 25 avril 2014 –
Metz, Les Trinitaires (Chapelle)
with Lymbyc Systym, Amenra, Thisquietarmy, Zero Absolu, Kerretta
Festival Post-Rock Young-Team #3

– 19 avril 2014 –
Metz, Studio Tryptik
Apéro Concert


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